Our Manifesto

To give less than your best is to give away the gift.”
— Steve Prefontaine


We believe in giving. We believe in giving our best. On the track. In our communities. In life. We believe that to give our true best is to share the gift. Because we give most when we give of ourselves. We believe that, while we cannot always pay back those who have helped us, we can always pay forward their generosity by helping others. We believe our time, our effort, our passion mean most when they inspire others. Inspire by giving. Be inspired by giving. We believe kind words and kind deeds go further than any of us can run. We believe everyone and everything is connected, and giving is the pulse of that living connection. We believe in giving because all giving is great.



We believe in opportunity. We believe in turning adversity into opportunity. We believe in the Native American proverb that “we do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.” Moreover, we do not inherit our privileges and opportunities from our ancestors; we borrow them from our children as well. We believe every citizen of the world deserves an opportunity to discover his or her passion, to live that passion, and to share the gift with others. We believe the good fortune of one does not come at the expense of another. We believe we all can succeed. Because we provide greater opportunities for ourselves when we provide greater opportunities for others. We believe everyone should begin the race of life toeing the same starting line, with an opportunity to work hard and experience great joy.



We believe in joy. We believe we receive most when we give most. We believe through giving we receive joy, perspective, new opportunities, and empathy. Most importantly, we receive love when we give love. We believe Coach John Wooden: “There is great joy in doing something for somebody else.” We believe in laughter, and we believe laughter is contagious. We believe in tears, too. We believe in the tough times that make us stronger, more courageous. We believe in the tough times that sow the seeds of our future joy, just as a field is harrowed before planting and harvest. We believe authentic living is the source of authentic joy.



We believe in running. We believe in preparation, practice, patience. We believe in running in the rain. Running into headwinds. Running up mountains. We believe in weekend morning long runs. We believe in warming up and cooling down; in core work; in ice tubs. We believe in attention to detail. We believe the only time success comes before work is in the dictionary. We believe in running logs and running lore. We believe in Pheidippides, in Bannister, in Zátopek, in Bowerman, in Shorter, and in countless others. We believe in the solitude of the long distance runner, but we also believe in the fellowship of the long distance runners. We believe in negative splits; in positive attitudes; and in total effort. We believe in the bell lap. We believe in competition that lifts us to greatness. We believe in scoring points for the team. We believe in taking pledges per mile. We believe in setting personal bests. We believe the process is what matters most. We believe running is hard, but not running is harder. We believe living our passion is at times hard, no matter what that passion may be – but living without that passion and source of creativity is undoubtedly harder. We believe in running because when you give yourself to it, then it is easy, even though it is hard. We believe in taking a step forward and another step and another.


Every passion has its destiny.”
— Billy Mills


We believe in you. What is your passion? Share it with others. Then we are destined to succeed. We believe you want to do the right thing; we believe you want to help others. We believe you want to provide others with the opportunity to experience joy just as you have. We believe your enthusiasm and commitment can move mountains. And move us forward. We believe our collective best is greater than our individual contributions. We believe in you, and we hope you believe in us. We believe together is greater than against. So let’s work together. With your help, with your passion, with you, we can give the best there is to give. Give opportunity. Give joy. Give Running.

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