Donate Shoes and Share the News

  • Set Up Donation Time and Place with Partner Organization: It is up to your team to decide where you want to donate the shoes you have collected because you know your local community and its needs better than anyone. For instance, if there is a nearby orphanage or family abuse shelter you would like to donate shoes to, we encourage you to utilize those great avenues through which to make a positive difference.
  • We Can Assist You, Too: If you are struggling to find good donation opportunities, Give Running is also happy to provide guidance on researching distribution options.
  • Write Thank-You Notes: We cannot overstate the warmth of hand-written notes. Thank everyone involved — from those who volunteered their time, to those who contributed shoes or money, to businesses and schools that hosted shoe collection sites, to the rest of your shoe drive team — in person, by phone, via email, and especially¬†with written thank-you letters.
  • Email Give Running: Please make sure to let us know how your drive went! We want to add your shoe tally to our running total; make note of the lessons you learned from the experience and how it made you feel; and share your good deeds on our website and social media channels!
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